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Making Notes

 Bringing value to your organization through insightful product stewardship!

  • Market Quantification

  • New Product Value Analysis

  • Market Segmentation

  • Value Proposition Development

  • Go-to-Market & Strategic Planning

  • End-of-Lifecycle Analysis

In today’s resource-constrained environment the need for experienced product stewardship to support all stages of the product lifecycle has never been greater. From early stage incubators to established companies with mature product lines, ensuring that your value proposition is solid should be the critical first step in your market strategy. A company often gets only one shot at a successful new product launch. On the flip side, mature product lines face their own challenges: demand swings, rising costs, declining selling prices. Another reality of mature products is the effect constantly changing technical innovation has on all aspects of manufacturing and sales. Managing these types of products is a detail and data driven challenge. 

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