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  • New Product Release (New product, Existing Customers!)


  • Driven by EPA regulations, a major OEM customer came to us needing an axle assembly that contained a major re-manufactured component. This required not only new assembly releases but the development and release of the re-manufactured component. To properly assemble the  re-manufactured component, we needed to collect "cores" (used components for the field).


  • My team developed policies and procedures for collecting cores from the field. While these processes were being implemented, we worked with Engineering and  the manufacturing plant to develop the new assemblies, establishing product requirements and assisting with the new processes required to intake the core and bring it to condition needed for inclusion in the assembly. Worked with finance to establish costs and EBIT targets. Trained the sales team on the external issues with core collection. Established a partner relationship with a external partner to assist with core management. Launched production on time and delivered to customer expectation.


  • Annual revenue grew quickly exceeding margin targets. Post launch, we worked with the plant for cost optimization and process improvements.

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